Nigeria mapNigeria In spite of the current security challenges facing the nation, Aglow Nigeria is forging ahead planning their national conference.  From August 14-16 people across the country will gather in Ibom Hall, Uyo, in the Akwa Ibom State to “Come Up Higher”.  They are trusting God for safety for all who will attend.

In a news update received at Aglow International Headquarters on Monday, July 14, Bisi Adeluyi, Aglow Nigeria National President writes, This morning Boko Haram claimed responsibility for a Lagos bomb which occurred on the same day that Abuja shopping mall was bombed. The bomb targeted a petrol truck packed near a major petrol and liquefied gas depot. Thank God that the petrol truck did not catch fire after the bomb went off, as it would have been a major disaster.  Unfortunately, 3 people died including the bomber.

This is perhaps the first time that Boko Haram targeted any part in the South of Nigeria.  It has also been reported that over 60 women escaped from the enclave of terrorists, but there is no information if any of the abducted Chibok girls escaped.  These are unusual times, but our God is in control!  I read Jane Hansen Hoyt’s blogs,  and I am encouraged.

Liz Daka Mbuzi, Africa Committee Chairman writes, We continue to pray for Nigeria and indeed the entire continent of Africa. I believe the Lord will do great and mighty things in the Aglow Nigeria National Conference. I pray for a covering of the blood of Jesus upon all the delegates as they travel from their different places to and from the conference. I also speak a covering and protection of the blood of Jesus as they gather together, and that no weapon fashioned against this conference and all their family members will prevail in Jesus Name.