The GambiaAugusta Odoteye, National Director for Aglow in West Africa, recently journeyed to The Gambia to mobilize the women, encourage them, and help to revive the Aglow ministry that had been inactive for about five years.

After arriving in The Gambia, Augusta met with the former leader and those who were eager to revive Aglow in the nation, to discuss the strategy and plans for the week.  It was decided that they would hold a 2-day seminar during Augusta’s stay.  Handouts were quickly designed, and arrangements were made for the meeting.  

For the next few days a pastor who has a beautiful vision for Aglow in the nation drove Augusta around to meet pastors of churches in the various communities in the capital city of Banjul.  They also went to the homes and offices of some interested women.  Augusta writes, “I noticed throughout our rounds that many of the women still have fond memories of Aglow.”

During the visit Augusta had the opportunity to meet with three ladies who are interested in forming a National Committee.  One of the women told Augusta of a dream she had of seeing many Aglow fellowships springing up in various areas in The Gambia.  The team is made up of three nationalities, from three different churches, with one goal; all committed to seeing the Aglow ministry revived and spread in the communities.

There was much excitement when the day came to hold the seminar.  Both days started with prayer, praise, worship, and short exhortations on Augusta’s personal testimony with the Aglow ministry.  Augusta distributed sections from the new Aglow Local Handbook on the foundations of the ministry.  She explained to them that as Aglow grows God gives the ministry new directions with changes, and lectured them briefly on each point, especially on the new vision, mission statement, tag line and core values. The desire to restore the Aglow ministry was expressed by every woman present.

After Augusta left another meeting was held.  The result of that meeting was the tentative formation of three Aglow chapters, and a potential fourth.  A man also expressed a desire to form an Aglow for Men chapter.

Augusta concludes, “Please continue to lift up Aglow in The Gambia in prayers for God to bless and prosper what He has started, and to give me the grace and wisdom to continue to encourage them. I praise and thank God for His mercies.”

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