Anti-Human Trafficking bannerHuman trafficking is an outrageous crime, an attack against those who were created in God’s very image, an attempt to enslave and control, when God’s will is that we live in the Truth who came to set us free! Aglow has a role to play in the abolition of slavery/human trafficking, in the 21st century. We don’t want to reinvent the wheel; we want to do what God has designed us to do.  At this time we have three action steps which we believe allow us to become involved in meaningful ways:

Our Actions Steps are:

  1. Support an anti-trafficking organization through prayer as a ministry.
  2. Partner with local anti-trafficking organizations in your community.
  3. Receive and spread awareness about anti-trafficking.

Support an anti-trafficking organization through prayer as a ministry:

We are seeking God to see which anti-trafficking organization He would have us partner with in prayer. We will contact you with the name of that organization when it is chosen. In the meantime, PRAY!

Pray for:

  • Trafficking victims – Pray for salvation, strength, protection, and hope.
  • Sex and Labor Traffickers – Pray for the salvation of traffickers and dismantling of rings.
  • Rescue – Pray for the rescue efforts of anti-trafficking organizations to be successful.
  • Reduction of Demand – Pray for the demand of sex for hire to be reduced.

Partner with local anti-trafficking organizations:

Like in the story of Nehemiah, we want you to rebuild your part of the wall. Is there an Anti-trafficking organization around you that you feel led to partner with? If so, we encourage you to partner with them. Partnering with them might include praying for them during your Aglow meeting, making blankets or collecting toiletries for a safe house, being invited to pray/minister to people on-site, etc. If you have questions about this contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Other ways you can be involved in your community include:

  • Join a Local Anti-Trafficking Coalition – Local Coalitions exist all over, and if one doesn't exist locally, you can start it up!  It is a great way to network with others and join together to stop trafficking in your community. You can find a list of U.S. Anti-Trafficking Coalitions, by State here.
  • Prayer Meeting – Prayer Changes Things. Designate a time when your group will pray about human trafficking. This could be a part of every meeting, or a specific prayer meeting once a month, etc. to pray for your community.
  • Prayer Walking – Take daytime prayer walks through your local neighbourhoods, around junior high and high schools, boulevards, and shopping malls. Malls are usually open year round, and open early in the morning before shops open; they are excellent places to take early morning walks and declare the promises of God before the crowds arrive and shops open for business. Each of these places mentioned are ‘hot grounds’ for recruitment into sex trafficking.
  • Prayer Driving – Take a drive in the car and declare the promises of God freely. The same sites listed above are perfect for drive-by prayers, as well as: Truck stops, Rest Areas/Rest Stops, Freeways, and Large Ports (L.A., San Francisco, Houston, etc.). Grab some friends and speak life over the areas you are passing as you drive.

An important thing to remember is that daytime walks/drives are preferred, and you should never attempt any rescue or put you or your group in the way of danger.

Receive and spread awareness about anti-trafficking:

Sign up for the Aglow Anti-Trafficking Newsletter to receive prayer requests and educational information about Human Trafficking.  Read books, articles, and watch credible documentaries. It’s amazing the difference that awareness of trafficking will make in our lives and in the lives of those around us. Not only does this open our eyes to situations around us, but it gives us insight into how to pray. It also helps us to become more aware and look out for our family, friends, children, grandchildren, and others.

We each have a circle of influence. What a powerful opportunity to arise in an informed voice and pray into, speak into, and inform those around us – starting within our Aglow groups.

The Newsletter will also highlight a monthly resource for you and/or your group.  For more information check out the Resources section.