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Come Unto Me!

fall_dinner It was a beautifully set table, all decorated for Fall.

Last evening was one of those evenings that will live in my memory for many years.

It wasn’t a gala, or a gathering of many for a dinner party. It was just Tony and me, sitting with Bob and Lisa (my daughter and her husband) at a beautifully set table, all decorated for Fall. Of course, I must add that the food was out of this world. Some might call it comfort food. Chicken pot pie, made by her hands, and it was yummy. But the best part was just being together, talking, remembering past times and talking about current times. It was warm, beautiful, familiar and yet new. We have had wonderful times like this with Tiffany and Scott (my son and his wife) as well, with the same sense and peace in just being together. There is something God builds in those unhurried times together around a dinner table.  It seems that He builds the depth of relationship as nothing else can. It is a place of hearing one another’s hearts.

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kitchen 1424934 webIt is the RIGHT TIME for the Holy Spirit to come into our lives, our routines, our orderliness and begin to make all things new."Behold, I make all things new."  Rev 21:5 NKJV

We associate this verse with the first step we have taken toward Jesus, that life-changing step of receiving Him as our Redeemer, our Savior. 

But there is an ongoing reality that continues to take place with every pursuant step that we take toward the Lord and His Kingdom.

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Aggressive Love

Treasure Field webThe Kingdom of God is like a treasure hidden in a field.

Just a few short weeks ago, Tony and I attended the European Leaders Summit, led by the European Regional Committee, in Krakow, Poland. I might add that going to Poland in January is not the balmiest time of the year to visit this beautiful city.

However, being with all of our Aglow brothers and sisters was a wonderful and warm experience. I have said it before, but meeting up with the Aglow family anywhere in the world is like having known someone all of your life. You are instant family. Only the work of the Holy Spirit and our mutual love of Jesus could produce such a phenomenon.

There were some 30 nations represented. Worship was led by two women from Great Britain, Sarah White, and Amy Coulbeck, along with a violinist, Ruzanna Torosyan, the National President of Armenia. Again, the expression of our mutual love of God and our desire to exalt His name lifted the atmosphere to a different place.

The speaker this year was Asher Intrater from Jerusalem. Asher spoke four times and each message was filled with revelation, anointing, humor, yet with the seriousness, he carries regarding the preparation of God’s people for the end times and the second coming of Jesus. One phrase that he spoke has continually run through my heart and mind. “It is time to warn people of the evil that is coming.” As believers, I know that we all walk with an awareness of the times in which we live, yet as Asher spoke out these very serious words, something stepped up in my heart. The time is closer and the need is greater than we allow ourselves to realize.

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